Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life Outside Le Chateau de Roissy

One of the questions and moans I receive frequently from members of the Roissy Community is, "Why is nudity not permitted outside Le Chateau in the Roissy Sim (Roissy 1)?". Many see this as completely rediculous, and constantly ask for the rule to be changed. This request has been denied since the birth of the sims right to this day for 2 very specific reasons:

1: Do we really wish to turn Roissy into a 'free sex' style sim? I doubt it. Free sex sims ar two a penny in SL, and usually draw the nuisance perv (You know the sort - big pink phallus on bad skinned and featureless avatar, owned by person who just wishes to talk dirty! LOL). Public nudity draws them like flys. Roissy has always strived to uphold a level of decency in its IC and OOC roleplay. Let's keep it that way. After all, that is part of the secret of it's success thus far.

2: In the novel 'Story of O', O leaves Le Chateau after her initial training to return to her every day life as a photographer. Did she or the other members of Le Chateau walk around town naked? Nope! Life went on for her as it always had (apart from the submissive awakening in her soul). She went shopping, dining and working clothed! LOL!
So too in the SL Roissy Sims, it is expected that 'normal' life continues outside the walls of Le Chateau, just like in the world of the O of literature. The Community which we now share in Roissy flourishes on this. Friendships blossom on the streets and in the shops and clubs of Roissy and Blackthorne which last and bond. Laughter and sometimes arguments / debates happen, as well as informative discussion and teaching in the lifestyle. In other words, life goes on as it does in real life, which makes for a strong community spirit. That same community spirit has made Roissy the huge success it has become in Secondlife. Long may it continue!




  1. Marian, gooday my love,

    Can i just say that I find the whole concept of this blog so refreshing and a fine way to get the core issues about life in the Roissy Sims into a public forum.

    On the subject of public nudity I do strongly agree with your view; it is easy to foget that we see the world in the book and the film from the perpective of a submissive, and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the Chateau exists in a normal world. I think failure to appreciate this fundimental point about D/s often colours the thinking of prospective submissives, not just in Roissy or in my land of Matsumoto. To get fulfilment in a D/s relationship it has to be put in context as much here in sl as it would be in real life.I suppose what I am saying is that those who stick with the lifestyle know that there is more to Dominance and submission than the whipping post or the bed chamber. I could say much more about that, but perhaps in a separate blog.

    So, long may Roissy prosper and long may it offer a unique and an exceptionally fine interpretation of The Story of O here in sl.

    Josie, xx

  2. Dear friends of the Roissy Islands,
    i first want to thank Minh Ahn for creating this blog, it really gives it a new dimension.
    Than i want to honor Marian who created this amazing idea of serious BDSM, based on world's famous novelle and always was very concerned of keeping the level high.
    I fully agree about what Marian wrote in her blog, Roissy is a town, with all its social possibilities, but also with its restrictions. The novell makes it very clear, BDSM is not a circus attraction that should be published all over the streets, BDSM is something that needs the appropriate frame, and i think in Roissy we have a wonderful place, Deusen's Chateau, furnitured by the amazing Marian.
    Nudity is perfect inside the Chateau, outside in this little town public nudity will call subjects that probably will cause a lot of trouble and lower the high level. And if i am in need to see some of our amazing sister's flesh, well as a Master i just will go on and command it, that easy. :-)
    I hope to see you around in Roissy, i am the one wearing his hair open