Thursday, January 29, 2009

Initiation of Probate Sister to the Sisterhood

The event was one for all to remember. Three Sisters of O participated in an Initiation Ceremony that celebrated the tradition of O. At one point 49 of Roissy Royalty, Sisters and Brothers of O, and honored visitors and guests were present to witness this sacred ceremony. Participants held their breaths, hoping the Chateau could accommodate so many, but the ceremony progressed with few incidents.

The participants began their initiation journey in the Moulin. Master SirDragon Dreamscaape led Allure Ansar, the initiate, to the ceremony. Mistress Rosmary Cuttita brought forth Anita Blackadder,and the initiate Elvar Eldrich proceeded to the Chateau.

At the Chateau they were met by Sister Saucey Sinister and Sister Elizabeth Weinberg where the three probate sisters were bathed and carefully prepared for the ceremony. Leona Lynch serving as Valet presented each sister in turn to the audience where their initiation began.

Covered only with a black cloak, Allure stepped forward after her preparation. Allure accepted her role as a Sister in the tradition of O: Service to the Masters and Mistresses of Roissy.

Allure presented her body for the use of others and was whipped in the presence of the group. Allure accepted her beating with grace and courage as did the Sisters who followed her: Anita Blackadder and Elvar Eldrich.

All three Sister proved worthy of their tag as a Sister of O. Our Roissy community should accept them with price into our gracious family.

Each Sister received a special ring designed specially for the Sisters of O. Cat Velinov designed these rings that contain information about the Sister that may be helpful to Masters and Mistresses who engage the Sister in RP.

Cat Velinov has created special rings for Initiated Sisters. The ring will serve as a sign of each Sister's committment to the community and to the service of O. By this ring Masters, Mistresses, Sisters, Brothers, and Valets can recognize that the Sister is part of the Sisterhood of Roissy. The Ring is presented to each Sister only as she is initiated.

Mistress Di Milev serving as mentor to the Sisters of O presented and organizedthe event. Miss Di indicates another Initiation ceremony will be held witin the next month where three more initiates will take the oath of service to thecommunity.

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