Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have You Considered a BDSM Spirituality Workship? Perhaps You Should!

Miss Zena Zemlja routinely offers workshops on BDSM spirituality. I never considered the spiritual nature of BDSM until Miss Zena raised the issue. I dismissed spirituality as being part of the BDSM even though in retrospect I cannot conceive of my submissive role in anything but spiritual terms after my learning experience in the workshop.

Miss Zena helped me to understand how my physical needs were directly connected to my spiritual needs. The mind and the body are one as the dom/dommes is connected to his/her submissive. The mind and the body seeks balance and harmony as does the perfectly paired dom/dommes seeks a complementary balance through a mutual exchange of power.
Miss Zena taught me to see the gift of my submission as an exchange for the guidance and direction my Mistress affords me. My Mistress balances me as I offer her my complete submission. Our union is one that is physical but most importantly very spiritual. My submission offers me the peace and pleasure that my Mistress provides and in turn I offer her the gift of my love and my obedience. I see nothing preverse in such a complementary exchange of love, body, and spirit.

I would not understand and appreciate the pleasures I derive from my submission without Miss Zena's caring instruction and guidance. Her workshops are not simply lectures. They are discussions and open exchanges of ideas. Miss Zena is a skilled and knowlegeable Mistress who understands the people of Roissy, Blackthorne and beyond. She skillfully guides the thoughtful exchange of ideas without overpowering or silencing the different voices in the audience.
The opportunity to voice the feelings and emotions associated with the BDSM lifestyle is the prize one receives in return for the time spent with Miss Zena. I found the conversations liberating. I found myself validating the legitimacy of my submissive feelings, feelings I must restrain and secret away in the real world. I left Miss Zena's workshop with a renewed commitment to my Mistress and my value as a submissive.

Miss Zena's workship is informal and pleasant. The atmosphere Miss Zena creates is congenial and friendly. If you have not attended Miss Zena's BDSM Body, Spirit, and Mind workshop then I would argue that you probably are missing the best and finest part of your relationship with your mate. I give Miss Zena's BDSM Body, Mind, and Spirit workship five stars.
elizabeth weinberg