Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interview with an Original Sister of O -- Leona Lynch

Interview conducted in Leona's home on January 6, 2009

Leona Lynch was one of the first Sister's of O and she has been in the Sisterhood every since. L has some interesting comments about why she became a Sister, why she has remained in the Sisterhood for so long, and, most importantly, a wish for the future of the Sisterhood and Roissy. Read her comments in her own words

Leona Lynch: Hi Come, take a seat.

Elizabeth Weinberg: This is in Roissy Residential?

Leona Lynch: Yes.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Ready? When did you become a Sister?

Leona Lynch: Wow...right at the sim beginning.

Elizabeth Weinberg: when was that?

Leona Lynch: August 2007 or so.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Have you been a sister throughout this entire period?

Leona Lynch: Yes...

Elizabeth Weinberg: Have a you Master or a Mistress in this time?

Leona Lynch: Yes... I had Mistress Seana... the red haired lady on the picture.

Elizabeth Weinberg: no longer?

Leona Lynch: Formally she still owns me, but she has no time for SL anymore.

Elizabeth Weinberg: I am sorry. You clearly care for her.

Leona Lynch: *sigh* Oh yes, she is very sweet...and we did have such a nice time.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Why did you become a sister?

Leona Lynch: Oww. The Book of O always intrigued me.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Yes, in what way?

Leona Lynch: And since O was a sister herself, this is a close to O as I will ever get.

Elizabeth Weinberg: What appealed to you about the story of O?

Leona Lynch: The whole scene, O's character, the submissiveness of O.

Elizabeth Weinberg: How do you define your submission?

Leona Lynch: She (O) went into submission for the love of her boyfriend as is stated in the book. But really I believe she had a submissive character even without that love.

Elizabeth Weinberg: And what is submission?

Leona Lynch: On the other hand, although she was submissive, she had a lot of power over the men in her life.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Submissives hold power over those they submit to?

Leona Lynch: In a way, yes....

Elizabeth Weinberg: I don't want to misquote you. What is this power?

Leona Lynch: Stephen really honoured O's requests.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Why do you think?

Leona Lynch: O was able to get herself whipped on moments she decided herself.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Yes she did I think. She controlled her submission did she not?

Leona Lynch: To me she did... Which is what you see in most D/S relations.

Elizabeth Weinberg: How has the Sisterhood changed since the beginning of your tenure?

Leona Lynch: In the end it is the sub that set limits and so on....defines the play.. Hmmmm.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Or has it changed?

Leona Lynch: At first we were with about 15...setting all up. Really a tight group that really stayed together.

Elizabeth Weinberg: And now?

Leona Lynch: The group changed in that it became bigger, new girls that operate more stand-alone... Due to the nature of a bigger group, but also the timezone problem.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Is that a positive change or not?

Leona Lynch: The sisterhood now really is divided into smaller groups of people that meet each other regularly, Bad, or good, I don't know... It's more inevitable I guess.

Elizabeth Weinberg: There is some concern that Sisters do not seem to stay in the position long. Do you see this as happening?

Leona Lynch: I see sisters disappear.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Why do you think this is?

Leona Lynch: I do not see them go into another role so often. Aww, the players had their thrill. No more new things for them.. so they move on to another challenge. It is important than you keep on doing new things in Sl.

Elizabeth Weinberg: You have stayed dedicated to the purpose for a decent length of time. Why have you stayed?

Leona Lynch: If not, it's getting a bore in due time.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Can you explain?

Leona Lynch: I like it here.. I like the RP, the appreciation, like the things I do here, and my new jobs around here every now and then. What did you not understand?

Elizabeth Weinberg: You said,"It's getting a bore in due time"

Leona Lynch: If you keep on doing the same thing over and over again.. Then
even SL will start to be boring for you.

Elizabeth Weinberg: It is not boring to you then?

Leona Lynch: Not yet. I meet new friends every day. Keep on doing new things.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Ok is there any thing else you would like to add?

Leona Lynch: Just a wish.

Elizabeth Weinberg: What is that?

Leona Lynch: Roissy is moving on a good path again...we had worse that we were afraid the whole sim would die. We are not there yet. So I hope we can get us to a level again of mutual appreciation and respect, play with each other and have the fun we had back in those mystical beginning days.

Elizabeth Weinberg: Excellent wish. I concur. Love you dear.

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