Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interview with Miss Di and Sister Anita Blackadder Concerning Initiation Ceremony

Interview with Mistress Di Milev, Mentor to the Sisters of Oand Anita Blackadder, Newly Initatied Sister of ORegarding Initiation Ceremony of January 28th
Elizabeth Weinberg: Let me begin with Miss Di Elizabeth Weinberg: Miss Di what is the purpose of the honored tradition of initiation for new Sisters of O?
Di Milev: Several goals 1) To thank the sisters of O for what they do for the community. 2) To promote RP in the castle. 3) To give the Masters and Mistresses some possibilities for future RP.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Excellent answer.
Elizabeth Weinberg: How do you think RP could improve in the library? Di Milev: I also hope that we can step by step make this ceremony a tradition. Initiate, following the interview process, will first become probate sisters and then after the initiation ititiate will commit herself totally to the Sisterhood. Before she is a probate sister and aftwards a senior sister.
Di Milev: Just by example, this time we had a Roleplay and we had observers. We are not perfect, evryone has his own style, but we learn from each other.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Yes, I see. Elizabeth Weinberg: How important is RP in preserving the traditions of Roissy?
Di Milev: It is the goal and existance of Roisy. Without this Roissy would be a pure community gatering.
Di Milev: a club, talking club. Now with RP we have that little plus. Elizabeth Weinberg: The tradition of RP is the cornerstone of the purpose of Roissy. Is that true?
Di Milev: Yes without RP Roissy is not more or not less then other Sims.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Do you think the Initiation cermoney was a success? Did it accomplish what you wanted?
Di Milev: The number of vistors on the sim showed that there was a huge interest for this RP.
Di Milev: We had 49 people on the sim, but the sim server held it.
Elizabeth Weinberg: That is extraordinary.
Di Milev: yes it is i was afraid that we would have a sim crash.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Can you briefly describe the process of initiation.
Di Milev: There are several steps, following the first day of O in the story.
Elizabeth Weinberg nods.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Can you explain these steps for people who do not know.
Di Milev: O (the new sister) is brought to the castle, cared for in the bathroom by two senior sisters. She is naked and dressed with a cloak and brought to the Library, whare she is whipped by several dom's. Then her Master / Mistress is asked to confirm that she may act as Sister of O. The sisters is asked to promise to serve Masters and Mistresses as good as she can. She receivers her sister tag and her Sister ring and receives the congratulations of the community.
Elizabeth Weinberg: This honored tradition does seem to bring the community together to honor the tradition of O.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Anita, B, tell me about your experience and your feelings about yesterday's initiation
anita Blackadder: for me was it a closing of the interview process.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Explain your feelings at being the focus of the community's attention.
anita Blackadder: My feelings for yesterday, it feels for me as wedding.
anita Blackadder: my feelings are that this is a good way is for the communty.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Yes I thought it was as a formal way to join you to the commuunity.
anita Blackadder: Yes for me well
Elizabeth Weinberg: Was this experience as intense for you as it was for O?
anita Blackadder: Yes, that was it for sure....
anita Blackadder: It was so as I see the story.
anita Blackadder: And it was a good feeling for me to...
Elizabeth Weinberg: There was a public whipping involved. Why were you willing to accept that beating before so many others?
anita Blackadder: i was frightened and nervous and sure I was proud of it ..
anita Blackadder: and a feeling of belonging to it.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Tell me about your new ring?
anita Blackadder: The ring makes me more proud to be a sister.
Elizabeth Weinberg: The ring provides Masters and Mistresses with what information?
anita Blackadder: yes when she touches it then the Master or Mistress receives a notecard from my ring about my information.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Does the note explain your limits?
anita Blackadder: yes that explains my limits...
Di Milev: Yes beth the note is made in such a way that the sister can give up her personal limits, her likes and her dislikes.
Elizabeth Weinberg nods
Di Milev: In the future all the sisters will get such a ring.
Elizabeth Weinberg: B How has this experience changed you?
anita Blackadder: the experiences has changed me a lot. It makes me feel more of story..the story I so love.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Miss Di as you know I am a Sister of O although my Mistress limits my service.
Elizabeth Weinberg: I never went through the initiation ceremony and now I feel like I am not truly a Sister. Should all Sisters go through this process?
Di Milev: yes if they want, we will organize it for them.
Di Milev: It will become their right. Elizabeth Weinberg: I would feel honored to go through this process to be in the ranks of Sisters like B, Anita.
Di Milev: Later it will, it will become an obligation before their initiation, they will stay probate sister or sister in training or whatever.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Can other sisters like me come forward now and participate?
Di Milev: yes Beth. Yes in 15 days there will be a next ceremony. We will do it again 3 sisters. It will conitnue every 2 weeks.
Elizabeth Weinberg: I would like to be included Miss Di.
Di Milev: yes once a month we will also have a pit play.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Please explain pit play.
Di Milev: this is according to the chaper where O is chained blindfolded in the pit for 5 days and whipped by Masters without knowing who did it.
Elizabeth Weinberg: That sounds exciting and will certainly attract interest in RP.
Di Milev: O will be replaced by her Sisters who each will do an hour. And with 12 sisters or 12 blocks we will play part of that chapter.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Thankyou so much for your work in the community Miss Di
Elizabeth Weinberg: And B, Anita,thank you for your service
anita Blackadder: you are welcome beth.
Di Milev: the first pit play will be in February.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Iwill be thereto cover that event.
Elizabeth Weinberg: Thanks[3:20] anita Blackadder: and looks all out for next session...

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